“Everybody’s creative. We create our songs and our paintings, our families and our children. Everyone of us is on the cutting edge of the future.” - Buffy Sainte Marie 

The three things that mean most to me are my family, my music, and my community. It’s so important to me to make sure that I’m always staying involved, and giving back. This is why I’ve dedicated so much of my time to outreach and youth work. Everything begins, and finishes with our youth. The community inspires me, and I always want to be involved in that inspiration and make sure that I’m instilling it in others. I’ve been travelling around and visiting elementary and secondary schools and spending time with the students. I speak with them about the importance of valuing themselves, believing in their dreams, and sharing some of the cultural teachings that I apply in my day to day life. I remember how crucial these school years were to my own personal development both as a young adult and musician. I hope to inspire all students to follow their dreams, and never give up. 

I value my time spent in outreach centres in urban communities, First Nations cultural centres, and First Nations workshops. When I was a young kid, Buffy Sainte Marie had always inspired me, and she still does today. I hope to pass on the inspiration and teachings that Buffy instilled in me, to another young native. Working with Indigenous youth is part of my own personal journey of reclamation and reconciliation. 



Logan Staats 


If you’re interested in having Logan Staats be apart of your community event, work with your youth or book him for educational purposes please contact hello@quietaskept.co